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We provide a number of resources to help law enforcement and the community by providing access to Arrest News information. Each of our websites are provided as a resource to our users.

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  • Local Crime News
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  • Get Arrest Logs
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  • Jail Mail
  • Local Crime News

    Local Crime News

  • Providing a daily list of of arrests in your city. Search for arrests in your city.

  • Crime Voice

    Crime Voice

  • Reporting crime news stories daily. Read crime stories in any area throughout California.

  • California Crime News

    California Crime News

  • A dedicated resource for law enforcement. Providing cross agency arrest news information.

  • Metro Crime News

    Metro Crime News

  • A syndicated news source sharing news stories throughout California. Features The Crime News Reporter delivered to you daily.

  • Jail Mail

    Jail Mail

  • Learn more about Jailmail and how URPC was formed.

  • Get Arrest Logs

    Get Arrest Logs

  • Free syndication service for newspapers.

Our Syndication Partners

We have partnered with many news organizations thoughout California to provide syndicated arrest news information.
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